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Saturday, June 16, 2012

FA$E LABEL SITUATION ...............

I'm currently satisfied with my label situation which means I'm still under Xrecords/ Maleco Music Group at first i was a Lil upset cause they signed me and just left me out to swim without a damn paddle. But now i get it for what it really is. So i have decided to remain loyal and continue to go hard until i can be worth a better situation. Although i feel I'm ready now i still have to wait for the right person to see me. I come across all kinds of offers but niggas be bullshitting acting like they somebody they not. Shit getting old. My plans for the summer is to drop a few singles and videos fuck it I'm going ham Atlanta will know I'm here! Its just a constant grind real talk. Things get discouraging but i dust my shoulders off and get back at it. Trust me if i didn't think it was worth it i would have been quit but its no indication for me to quit now. If i can get a investor on my marketing and promotion its a wrap i done spent hundreds of thousands of dollars already. So it is what it is. Dare to dream smdh this is an expensive dream but it a be a greater return i just know it.

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