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Monday, January 22, 2018

FASE discuss tour and other ventures for 2018

This year I will be focusing on pushing this album out to as much hands as possible. I will also start filming my movie "Redemption" and my new talk show "Naked Truth". This will be a power move year for me. As a indie theres no chill I have to get people familiar that theres still young niggas out here funding themselves and not hurting or robbing to do it. Although I come from that life its just to much at stake at this point.. I salute my hood , family and friends for pushing me to be great. Its foot on they neck season all year long !!! 


At one of my favorite eats (Chops Lobster Bar) here in buckhead chatting away with new recording artist, Fase.  Fase is a Brooklyn native pursuing his passion for music.  One thing I immediately noticed about him as he approached the table was the way people are instantly drawn to him.  I'm ready to dig into this fabulous dinner and into the life of this charming artist.

Demetria : How are you doing today Fase ?
FASE: Im doing good how you doing beautiful ? What we doing later?

Demetria : Booooy Stop
FASE: hahaaaa

Demetria : How do you feel about the history of LHHATL thus far?
FASE: I feel like the brand has helped a lot of people value wise, not to mention very entertaining.

Demetria : What would you bring different to LHHATL?
FASE: I don't know what i would bring different besides the fact i am strictly indie not on the status of the rest of cast. Hopefully i can inspire people thats trying to come up to never give up and to believe in their brand. I been going hard for nearly 9 years straight feel me?

Demetria : Oh wow 9 years that had to cost you a lot of money.
FASE: Being in the industry is definitely costly but i get through it. Best way to put it is to move on your time and pace but you want to make sure you're steady moving. 

Demetria: How comfortable are you with opening up your life to the world?
FASE: It is what it is the world a find my life very interesting. 

Demetria: What elements would you bring to the show? 
FASE: I bring a new wave a new way of doing things. 
I come with a clothing line "Shafase Clothing"
A artesian water "FASE2X"
A non-profit "Jackets and coats for gents" and currently working on more projects. 

Demetria: Whats your next move in this industry ?
FASE: Well right now i will be placing my music on higher platforms. Its not that I'm slept on i won't use that excuse cause i made good money off record sales as a indie. Its time to take things to the next level. I recently sold off my studio of 2 years so i can focus on my career and give it one more good push. I put a lot into temporary folks and all though time and money has been wasted I'm gonna keep pushing forward with a fresh mind.

Demetria: What effect do you feel you have on others or peers? 
FASE: I feel like i motivate niggas that part is clear. They love to hate me. Im good though its lonely on top. 

Thank you so much for your time and openness, Fase. 
FASE: Thanks for having me and ill see y'all all soon 

Okay, that's a wrap. You can look forward to see this artist blazing threw the road to success. New music can be downloaded at: